Maloja Review 2016

March 30th

Finnish Ladies bust the crust!
The final Kick The Vik Eco Freeride Tour event took place in Maloja last weekend. Running since 2008, the tour has hosted many successful events in various locations around Europe, and finally it has come to an end. Participants came from Germany and Finnland as well as from Switzerland, highlighting the international feel of the event. Good weather, no accidents, great vibes – Markus Boss the organizer and founder of the events was stoked, despite some harsh snow conditions.

SAC Forno Hütte, Maloja In 2014 Boss visited Maloja on his own – “It had been a dream to visit the area for a long time”. He ascended the steep north face (approx. 50 degrees) of Cima di Rosso with touring skis and it was fantastic. “The decision to use this mountain hut as an event location was tricky due to the 5 hour ascent time, however the participants did not seem to mind at all due to the amazing terrain to explore and the good times to be had together, as we had hoped” said Boss” A Tearful End for Kick The Vik? “Why will there be no eco freeride tour in the future?”. Markus Boss had to explain the circumstances surrounding this difficult many time to participants over the weekend: “The end of the Eco Freeride Tour does not mean the end of Kick The Vik! That belief is a common mistake. Kick The Vick represents sustainable freeriding and freeride tours. This theme will continue in the future, it is just unclear what direction it shall take next. “. We will have an open meeting in the summer with the community and friends to discuss the future of the sport and of Kick The Vik. The flow of the event After being spoilt with amazing snow conditions at the other events, they took a turn for the worst for our trip to Maloja – wind and warm weather caused some critical avalanche situations, so we had to move the jam location to a flatter western face. The snow was thick crud. Friday The 5 hour climb to the Fornohütte was nice, but sweaty. The higher we got, the better the amazing view became however, and the beer at the end was a satisfying reward for everyone’s hard work. The evening disappeared fast and everyone got to bed early, ready for the next morning. Saturday Some independent residents of the hut woke up at 3am, but the participants of the EFT chose to get up at a more leisurely 7:30am. Everyone had breakfast and then skied down to inspect the competition face from the bottom, not far from the hut. After that the participants spent the morning taking part in alpine skills workshops run by our mountain guides. Some short tours were also possible from the hut, with further faces requiring far more time and effort to access. At about 13:00 the freeride jam kicked off. “The complexity of the slope made fiming all the lines impossible” said Boss. Nonetheless riders were able to judge the lines in the evening during a screening of the lines. The ski and snowboard catergories were combined, meaning that there were male and female categories to judge. Sunday As everyone was feeling the full effect of the previous two days in their muscles, and the snow conditions did not improve the group decided to return to the bottom of the valley. One last glimpse of the beautiful Val Fornos was enjoyed by all before the decent. During a cosy farewell in a restaurant afterwards the group reflected that it had seemed to beautiful up the mountain for the Eco Freeride Tour to really be coming to an end. Men 1. Christoph Kolb, SUI (snb) 2. Andri Bieger, SUI (Ski) 3. Finn Schauer, GER (Ski) Women 1. Hanna Finkel, GER (Ski) 2. Päivi Litmanen, FIN (Ski) 3. Flurina Bieger, SUI (Ski Line of the Day: Päivi Litmanen (Ski)

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