Welcome to the freeride paradise Courmayeur. Let's meet up for a video freeride jam and a workshop in basic alpinism with local mountain guides. The scenery will blast your mind.

We will stay in the hotel La Grange in Courmayeur town. Nevertheless all participants will meet up for dinner at Friday and Saturday evening. The EFT will do the video presentation and afterparty at the eco-trail Party in the Sunny Side Café and Restaurant.

We welcome everyone from the valley to this happening and we are super stoked to share our ecological thoughts with space for discussion.






BASIC PACKAGE - must have for all!
(EUR 50.- / CHF 58.-)
2 Dinner, Party, mountain guide assistance, EFT fee


(EUR 40.- / CHF 45.-)
For the EFT event at Courmayeur you can do the freeride video jam (called contest in the past) and the basic alpinism workshop all in one price.



Hike up, ride your line, be filmed by the EFT filmcrew, check the lines in the evening with your buddies and judge yourselfe! More information about the jam you can find in the general information document.


(Friday-Sunday before and after video jam)
Take part in a workshop led by local mountain guides focused on essential Alpine Skills. Learn how to use ropes, harnesses, crampons and more effectively to get you safely to your next line!
From beginners to more experienced mountaineers, the workshop will tailor to your needs and experience and is essential for those who are new to free-touring and the backcountry.

  • EFT riders bag (ecological and home printed by Viktor!)
  • freeride jam at any day
  • accompanied by mountain guides
  • be filmed by the EFT crew
  • photos and videos for personal use
  • veronicas (Ehrenpreise)


(CHF 335.-)

For all People from Switzerland the EFT organizes the transfer after inscription. Ride to Courmayeur with the EFT Crew on Thursday February 24th (pickup at Chur at approx. 16:00 and from Bellinzona approx 17:00 at Bellinzona - travelling costs will be shared this day. The Swiss additional includes:

  • Arrival dinner at Thursday night at Hotel la Grange
  • breakfast at Hotel la Grange (dinner for Friday and Saturday are already in the basic package included!)
  • 3 day skipass
  • 3 nights accommodation (Thursday - Sunday) at Hotel la Grange


PACKAGE FOR ALL OTHERS, arriving on Friday morning
(EUR 250.- / CHF 290.-)

For everyone else who has no accommodation or skipass, then you go for this package:

  • 3 day skipass
  • 2 nights accomodation (Friday - Sunday) at Hotel la Grang (dinner for Friday and Saturday are already in the basic package included!)


In Courmayeur you find all kinds of freeriding you can imagine. From longer freeride runs straight out from the resort with gently steepness to  steep terrain into Val Veny. Of course you can go skitouring to any peaks around. And all over all, Courmayeur is the perfect place to stay for several weeks because of its central location..

Its geographical location at the meeting point of Italy, France and Switzerland makes it a perfect synthesis of different cultures yet it remains a quintessentially Italian Alpine town.